Pebble Pathway?

The name came to mind before the reason for it became clear. It did so while I was in our garden admiring our two pretty Alpine beds. Between these we had created – you guessed it, a pebble pathway. Of course, there must have been more than a desire for a cute and catchy moniker. There must have been a hidden relevance. It seems there was.

I know from experience that when writing, words and phrases are apt to emerge from the sub-conscious and, whilst being contextually appropriate, it’s only later during a read-through with time to reflect that the significance for the selection materialises.

In the case of my blog’s name, this became clear when I reviewed the draft copy of my Testimony:

‘Becoming a Christian didn’t place me on a road paved with gold, edged by sweet smelling roses. Far from it. The path I’d chosen was narrow and rocky.’ 


I was therefore clearly aware of my own ‘rocky road’ experience of living the life of a Christian, but it appears that my mind was bent on a more poetic term …

… hence the pebbles.