My name is Stephen Wand. Like many people I’ve loved reading for as long as I can remember. It was during my late teens, however, while hooked on the fast-paced adventure novels by Rhodesian-born author Wilbur Smith when I first realised that I wanted to write. That was in the 1970s.

Since that time I’ve completed a creative writing course run by The Writers Bureau, written fiction and non-fiction and, through the bureau’s comprehensive tuition, have been fortunate enough to be published in both. More recently I trained and qualified as a proofreader and for several years operated my own proofreading business, editing the compositions of others. That said, it has been several years since I’ve attempted any serious creative writing for myself.

My aim in creating this blog is to end that recess and return to stringing words together. Hopefully, following such a lapse, some of them may even make sense.

This is not my first blog. But, unlike those that have gone before, one of my aims here – a subtext if you will – is to bring together a miscellany of musings and a hodgepodge of my fiction and non-fiction. My main aim, however, is reflected in this site’s tagline:

‘A Story in the Making.’

Through a succession of posts I intend to create a story. This work will differ from every other piece of fiction I’ve ever crafted. For whereas all others have been meticulously outlined, mapped-out, planned, plotted and predetermined before the first word is committed to the page, I have no idea where this one will lead.

As with the site’s aforementioned sub-textual potpourri, this story will include a mix of reality and fantasy. My intention is to weave together a warp of fiction-threads interlaced with a weft of non-fiction. I hope, however, to include a third and vital element – undetermined strands pulled from my subconscious.

By entwining these three elements I hope to produce a random ethereal tapestry; an entirely spontaneous tale. For a pedantic planner such as me, this is an ambitious undertaking.

All I do know is that it will begin on a pathway of pebbles. I have no idea where it will lead.

The site’s sidebar includes my (very) brief bio. A more detailed profile is accessible through my Amazon author page. There you will also find my book ‘The Door to Caellfyon’. Once there, why not click on the ‘Look Inside’ feature? Have a read. Who knows, you may wish to buy a copy.