Call of Cthulhu RPG

In my post ‘Cosmic Horror at the Dining Table‘ I wrote of my past experience playing the popular table-top Role Playing Game Call of Cthulhu (CofC), which was based on the pantheon created by writer H.P. Lovecraft.

I also revealed that I’d written scenarios for the game, one of which had been published in a UK Fanzine and had been playtested at London’s Game Fair that same year. I added that it was my intention to reproduce these scenarios on here.

Well, today I’ve done just that.

First of all, for those readers who may be interested in trying their hand at playing CofC and who are not yet equipped with a set of rules, I attach here a free download of the game publisher’s Quick-Start Rules (click the image to access):

Players will also need to create a player character before embarking on any CofC scenario. Instructions for creating such a character may be found in the above Quick-Start Rules. Below is a Character Sheet for players to use. This template is for a 1920s era investigator. Further, downloadable copies may be found on the games publisher’s website. I’ve added the link to this at the bottom of this page.

Player Character Sheet. Click the image to access this free download:

Here is a checklist of all those things you’ll need to play the game:

  • The Quick-Start Rules (You have these)
  • Player-Character Sheets (You have these, too)
  • Game Scenario – Such as ‘Restless Spirit
  • Role-Playing Dice
  • Paper & Pencils
  • Two or More People
  • Room to Play – a Dining Table is ideal
  • A Few Hours

Happy gaming!