Hello and thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to explore the content.


This site is not my first attempt at blogging and, like those that have gone before, this will no doubt evolve over time, with changes in direction, subject matter and overall content style. Indeed, what you see here is a reincarnation of the original ‘Pebble Pathway‘ which began life as a faith-based blog in August, 2020.

As that year unfolded, however, my Christian faith was challenged by events which brought into question much of what I’d previously held to be true.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

For me, the madness of 2020 will long be regarded as the year our church establishment openly displayed its true colours. It hoisted them to the flagship of a despotic and evil government, the true nature of which also emerged from the shadows that year.

I’d sought the comfort and reassurance of a small Christian community only a year earlier, at a time when the world around me appeared to be plunging into an abyss. The church system’s ready-acceptance of the UK government’s wicked and unlawful diktats appalled me – and I walked away from the church, never to return. This has proven to be a blessing.

The resulting estrangement has led me onto a path of reflection. And so has begun a new journey in search of self and truth.

A New Path

Over the ensuing months I have experienced a transformation of consciousness. This has triggered a seismic shift from one set of beliefs that had long created a sense of inner conflict, guilt and inadequacy, to another – a realisation that there is so much more to me, my life and my place in the universe. Furthermore, I have a freedom to discover my true relationship with my creator, outside the constraining bindings of a book.

As I’d originally structured this blog around my fledgling understanding of the Christian experience, I’d adopted a Path theme. Taking inspiration from the Book of Matthew, I gave it the subtitle of ‘Narrow is the Road that Leads to Life‘. In so doing I had placed emphasis on the objective rather than the journey.

Now, as I travel along this new path my focus is no longer on life’s destination but on the journey itself – and ways in which I may enrich that journey in order that I may discover my true identity, recover my God-given sovereignty and achieve life’s full potential.

It is already proving to be a journey of recovery – in so many ways.

Rural Heritage

I was born and raised in the county of Lincolnshire, where I continue to live with my family.

On England’s east coast, south of the Humber estuary, this area is one where agriculture meets industry. That said, it remains attractive with its characteristic chequerboard farmland and big skies.