The Process (Letting Go)

For thousands of years ruling minorities have maintained control over huge populations by employing a tactic known as ‘divide and rule‘.

Through the divide and rule strategy, vastly-outnumbered controlling ‘elites’ have used nationalism, race, religion, gender and other distinctions to segregate populations, provoke discord and create in-fighting among deliberately-engineered factions. Its success may be measured by the fact that this widely-used stratagem continues to be found in almost every nation on the planet.

The consequential disharmony also engenders worldwide negative energy through anger, fear and mistrust – but that’s a whole new conversation, and one that leads down dark and deeply disturbing rabbit-holes.

Today, divide and rule is commonly manifested in what is now also referred to as ‘wedge politics‘. Here, through the use of a tightly controlled media apparatus, controversial and divisive social issues are brought to bear to further split already-fractured demographics.

One such issue which has all the hallmarks of wedge politics, and one that will undoubtedly be recorded as the worst crime against humanity in our entire history is the Covid scamdemic.

Aided and abetted by its corrupt media establishment, the power structure that has long pulled the strings of seriously-compromised governments worldwide has employed brutal behavioural psychology, deliberate euthanasia policies and a genocidal inoculation programme to destroy society, eliminate the middle-class, and batter entire populations into submission.

Such has been the level of savage repression meted out on an unprecedented scale that staggering numbers within every population on earth capitulated on day-one. When told to stay in their homes, they stayed in their homes. Warned to avoid contact with their loved ones, they even did that, too.

Unbelievably, when ordered to rebreathe their bacteria-laden exhaust behind a humiliating and dehumanising diaper – they obliged. Hell, they even paid hard-earned cash for patterned diapers. Ladies paired them with their outfits. Some men adopted camouflage-patterned varieties, as though they were a symbol of masculinity – rather than humiliating weakness.

Without pausing to question bizarre and senseless official narratives, vast swathes of every population on earth willingly surrendered hard-won liberties … again, and again – and again. See also my post entitled ‘Servitude without Tears‘.

Not everyone buckled to tyranny. Many did not. Myself included.

Some may consider me a belligerent or stubborn SoB – and they may be right – but I wasn’t prepared to relinquish my sovereignty for anyone. Nor would I yield to a repressive, fascist government, nor any of its complicit agencies. There was, and remains, far too much at stake. Not least the safety of my family, coupled with my own dignity and self-respect.

Sadly, such a stance placed me on a collision-course with my siblings, each of whom chose submission rather than defend their liberty and that of their own loved ones. Commencing in January, 2018, my repeated efforts to warn them of the on-coming pain, social unrest and supply-chain issues had consistently fallen on deaf ears. Consequently, when confronted by draconian measures of a despotic government, their egos and their ignorance rendered them defenceless.

This situation has been repeated countless times worldwide as, behind the lies, misinformation and subterfuge, every nation on earth is now engaged in a destructive civil war of good versus evil. Every citizen is a front line combatant and is under constant attack. Bombs and bullets have been replaced by the outpourings of a corrupt, coercive media. Anyone who fails to see this reality is simply not paying attention.

Civil war, more than any other form of conflict, breaks families. Similarly, wedge politics has no respect for kinship.

A few weeks ago, the looming bifurcation of my own family was causing considerable anxiety, which intensified with each passing day. Experience told me how destructive this would become were I to allow it to take hold of me. I had to take control of the situation in whatever way I could.

If you have read my post The Royal Road to Wisdom, you’ll realise that I’ve recently begun to learn the Tarot and have commenced using this tool as a means of divining for guidance with life’s questions. I decided to take my concerns to the cards.

For the question I had in mind I decided to use the Kachina Knife Spread – a layout inspired by a knife once used by American Indians. This layout defines:

  1. The past
  2. The querent (me)
  3. The situation
  4. The atmosphere between 2 & 3
  5. Near future
  6. Advice
  7. Clarification of 6

The above image shows the result, and this is how I interpreted it:

Appearance of the Page of Cups suggested to me that I had been naive and unfocussed when I ought to have been more grounded and taken steps to protect myself. I’d left myself open and been hurt as a result – but I was not to lose heart.

The Sun told me that I’m about to embark on a new start in one aspect of my life – one that has the potential for delivering success and joy. This also acknowledged that the past has been dark and difficult.

The Death card, coupled with the restrictive essence of the Eight of Swords identified that my troubling situation was one of transition, one which was proving difficult to deal with, mentally. This difficulty represented an obstacle to my future growth and something that should be addressed – I was being advised to let go of unnecessary loads confident in the knowledge that the universe will handle all outcomes. These loads may be opinions, feelings … or even relationships. I could not afford excess burdens going forward.

Such wouldn’t be easy, as was suggested by the Three of Swords. The near future may be one of potential isolation and I must accept this as part of an inevitable journey. I must experience this with a spirit of acceptance of something that must occur if I’m to move on.

The Nine of Pentacles, backed by the Six of Swords reminded me to remain confident that issues would resolve themselves. The former urged me to look to what I have in family and home to engender a sense of gratitude and harmony. Together they confirmed that the current situation was necessary, and by accepting realities I will navigate out of troubled waters to a place of calm. I would find peace.

To me, the overall suggestion was clear. I must be prepared to let go.

The ‘looming bifurcation’ I alluded to earlier finally occurred only a few days following my reading. The inevitable confrontation resulted in my alienation from my four elder brothers and younger sister.

I don’t believe for one moment that my random selection of guided meditation the following morning was a mere coincidence. On the contrary, I have no doubt that the universe has a way of telling us what we need to know, just when we need to know it.

So it was that, when I sat and began to listen to the recording, saddened by what had occurred a day earlier, the words not only uplifted me but I was blown away by the immediacy of the message.

The recording, one by Davidji is entitled ‘Infinite Flexibility (opening to change)‘ and goes like this:

Life can be hard. Sometimes we can feel alone, or separated in some way from every other member of our species.

We call it ‘change’. But it is simply the process of life being lived. The birth and death and rebirth of every word, every thought, every action, and in each moment there is change.

If we can understand that change is like breath, it’s not part of the process, it is the process, then we can live our lives with more grace and ease.

While the thought of change can seem overwhelming and cause us to dig in our heels, resist and hold on to what we have in the way things are, the truth is that we are changing in every moment, with every breath. You are not the same person who began [reading] this just a few moments ago.

At the cellular level, change is constant and continuous. If we can bring ourselves in a leap of courage to embrace change as our true teacher, our life expands in magnificent, unforeseeable ways. We don’t try so hard to hold on. We know that the universe will sort out the details, and take care of the outcome.

The Bhavagad Gita, chapter two, verse forty-seven says:

We have total control over our own actions, not the fruit of them. We control our words, our thoughts and our deeds – not the fruit of them.

If we can allow change to be our teacher, we can learn each day to let go of the subtle attachments that creep into our minds and then turn into limiting beliefs. We can then find our own rhythm in the cycle of change. The expansion and the contraction; the high and the low; the light and the dark.

Allowing change and embracing uncertainty is the antidote to suffering. In order to find peace we need to allow things to be in a constant state of flux – to be okay with change.

This infinite flexibility allows us to see the possibilities in whatever happens, even if the situation looks impossible.

Davidji – ‘Guided Meditations: Fill what is Empty; Empty what is Full’

The valuable life-lesson delivered in Davidji’s Infinite Flexibility continues in the meditation that follows it. I discussed this subsequent recording in my April 16 post, which takes the track’s title of We are the Ones.

Collectively, the recordings bear an acute relevance and poignancy to my own experience. Furthermore, they point to a long-prophesied divergence of humanity, the unfolding of which is now clear to see – personally and on a far wider, international level.

The meditation contains [an] extract from a prophecy attributed to the Hopi tribes of northern Arizona. Their ‘End of the Fourth World‘ predictions of the life to come are not limited to the Hopi themselves but reflect impending events on a global scale. It describes an all-too-familiar scenario.

‘We are the Ones’ – April 16, 2021

Despite an ever-growing populace ‘taking the red pill‘ and thereby waking to the reality of the world around them and demanding change, there remain those who sleep on.

Like the downtrodden population of Oz, they refuse to believe that they’ve been duped all of their lives. It’s not that they lack courage to draw back the curtain, they’re unable to consider that such a curtain exists.

Instead, they remain captives of a shadowy power structure while vehemently denying its very existence. They continue to do so even while that power robs them of their dignity and inflicts real harm on them and their loved ones.

In order to make sense of such contradictions and mind-blowing cognitive dissonance we must first factor in the reality that, however distressful it may be for many, the anguish and strife displayed in every nation on earth are no more than birthing pains. For it is this schism which represents a fulfilment of the aforementioned prophecy.

Right now, as a two-thousand year-old global power structure collapses under the weight of its own corruption, wicked deeds and centuries of lies aimed at disempowering humanity – covid being just one example – mankind is undergoing a dramatic transformation toward a new dawn.

However, as was foretold centuries earlier, and may be evidenced by my own siblings’ intransigence, it is a journey not all will choose to undertake.

There is a river flowing now, very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore. Push off into the middle of the river. Keep our eyes open and our heads above the water. See who is there with you, and celebrate.

Hopi Prophecy – ‘End of the Fourth World Prophecy’

Allowing change and embracing uncertainty is the antidote to suffering.

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