The Royal Road to Wisdom

A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of my first pack of Tarot cards. And let me assure you, as a one-time practising Christian, that opening sentence was one I never expected to write. But why?

Why was I led to believe that the use of esoteric artefacts such as Tarot cards constitutes witchcraft? After all, as a Christian I was expected – nay, encouraged – to petition my creator:

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;

    in the morning I lay my requests before you

    and wait expectantly.

Psalm 5:3 – NIV

So, why should the use of a medium such as the Tarot solicit such outrage among Christians? After all, isn’t the Tarot simply another means of divining information and guidance from a ‘higher power’ – the creator of all things?

Could it be that, when the church we see today was in its infancy, there were those at the top of that particular tree who recognised that an enlightened population was also an empowered one? If so, what easier way to prevent such empowerment than to restrict access to such knowledge?

By outlawing arcane means of unlocking, and thereby acquiring potent universal truths, an ecclesiastical mafioso effectively removed the cookie-jar of supernatural mysteries to a higher shelf, beyond the reach of the common hoi polloi.

Furthermore, through such means as The Inquisition, witch hunts and more, cruel and godless mobsters employed the most sadistic and brutal means imaginable to ensure the jar remained inaccessible to all but themselves.

Cruel and Godless mobsters

… religions and political parties were used to suck this advanced knowledge out of circulation. The Inquisition was a wonderful example of this technique. Merely to speak about esoteric matters was to sign your own death warrant. This scam has been so effective that still today you have Christians condemning esoteric information as ‘[of] the Devil when this same knowledge is the very foundation of their religion.

David Icke – ‘The Biggest Secret’

Early church theocrats knew the power that is to be gained from divine knowledge, and they guarded their secrets jealously. In his book ‘The Biggest Secret‘, published in 1999, David Icke goes on to briefly discuss the Tarot:

Knowledge is neutral; it is the use of it that is positive or negative. Tarot cards, the forerunner to our playing cards, were used to pass on suppressed knowledge. Hence the reason why the church has so condemned the tarot cards and dubbed them evil.

Icke also explains the historical link between the Tarot and the role played by gypsies in the art’s widespread circulation during the centuries following the elimination of the Cathars in France.

… when the great esoteric library at Alexandria was burned by the Roman Church … they became wanderers, a people apart, with their own language and they symbolised their knowledge in the Tarot.

He adds:

When gypsies are first mentioned in English records at the time of Henry VIII, they are described as ‘outlandish people, calling themselves Egyptians’. The term Tarot is believed to be derived from two Egyptian words, Tar meaning ‘road’, and Ro meaning ‘royal’. The royal road to wisdom if the knowledge is used properly and not malevolently.

What follows is a transcript of my Tarot Journal – a written account of my readings since day one of this journey. It was never my intention to reproduce the contents of the journal on here. However, whilst I’ve excluded my more personal queries and their corresponding results, I do explain later what led me to write this post.

But first, a good place to start is at the beginning.

The highly popular ‘Tarot by Janine’ YouTube channel first triggered my interest. During the almost-daily broadcasts, the host assesses current events (among other things) through reading the Tarot. Upon discovering the channel I was instantly fascinated and drawn to the subject.

I decided to investigate further.

‘Tarot by Janine’ – Click on the image to access her YouTube Channel

It was when reading a downloaded sample of ‘Tarot for Beginners’, a book by Lisa Chamberlain, when I realised that many of my assumptions regarding Tarot were based on myths, misdirection and the prejudices of religious zealots.

Quite simply, the cards are a means of divining guidance on how to live one’s life. They’re not imbued with magic, they’re simply a tool. Furthermore, a reader needs no psychic powers, just a connection to the universe, a willingness to focus on that innate link and to trust their intuition, and the determination to hone unbuilt natural abilities.

I decided to buy my own pack. To guide my first steps I also bought a copy of Lisa Chamberlain’s book.

The deck was part of a package. It was supplied complete with its drawstring bag and a storage box. The box lid bears ‘The Moon’ Tarot design. There had been several options available, but I was drawn to this one.

Why was The Moon design so appealing?

Here’s what that card means:

The Moon card is one of the more mysterious of the Major Arcana, as it deals with illusion as well as psychic knowledge. Associated with the watery sign of Pisces, the Moon relates to the collective unconscious, as well as our dreams and intuition.’

To a beginner such as I, this statement taken alone may be considered to be slightly ambiguous. Within a reading with other cards, however, the The Moon’s appearance would no doubt be given perspective. Given its clear association with psychic knowledge, dreams and intuition I felt encouraged that I’d been guided to this design.

Once I’d spent a couple of hours familiarising myself with many of the cards within the deck (not the full seventy-eight yet – that’ll take time), I decided to follow my book’s advice by conducting a simple exercise.

This involved writing down a question, focussing on it and, once ready, drawing a single card and analysing first impressions, feelings and any resulting ‘message’ the card may suggest.

In her book, Lisa Chamberlain suggests that each query ought to follow a moment of quiet reflection in which the following statement or similar is offered up to the universe:

‘I open myself up to becoming an instrument of the truth and I will use this insight to honour the divine spirit that dwells in all of us.’

My first question was to be one that was on my heart at that time.

Q: How well am I progressing along my spiritual journey?

When I drew the Ten of Swords my initial reaction was one of dismay. Then I looked closer. I realised that, despite first impressions, the image was not necessarily a negative one. The dark sky was brightening with a new dawn, and what may be perceived as a death could also be considered to be an option for rebirth. I decided to check the guidebook.

I had been right in my assumption.

The Ten of Swords is about endings with a view toward new beginnings … The situation is finally over and truth has come to light … Whatever has ended needed to end in order to provide room for new opportunities …

I was motivated to draw a second card. This was The Three of Swords. Oh dear, this also suggested a negative outcome. Unlike the first card, I was unable to discern anything favourable here, so checked the book again:

This card indicates heartbreak, sorrow and deep disappointment due to the loss of a relationship or ideal. Accept the situation, knowing something better will emerge in its place.

Given the question, could the suggested disappointment have anything to do with my rejection of the church and the ensuing realisation that its dogma is based upon a catalogue of lies aimed at control? That would certainly fit. The actions taken by the mainstream church during 2020, and my conclusions and subsequent evaluation of what that stance implied had indeed sickened me.

I went on to conduct several single card ‘spreads’ as a means of introducing myself to the practice of divining the cards’ message. The following evening I decided to take the next step …

The Three-Card Spread is a popular, basic spread and is ideal for beginners. The format may be used in various analyses, such as:

  1. The situation at hand
  2. Underlying factors affecting the situation
  3. The resolution of the situation

Or maybe:

  1. How I see my identity (now)
  2. The path I’m on at the moment
  3. The potential, if I stay on this path

When I conducted my first three-carder, I’d been engaged in a difficult high-level dispute in connection with the ongoing technocratic-takeover attempt disguised as a pandemic. The previous day had been a trial and I’d suffered a brief setback.

I decided to take the matter to the Tarot and see what message I might glean from the universe. For the question in mind, the three cards would represent:

  1. One viable option
  2. A second viable option
  3. What I should know before I make a decision

And the question:

Q: Yesterday was a set-back in my fight for liberty. What should I do now?

This was an interesting result.

  • One viable option – The Ace of Cups

This card indicated overwhelming or strong emotions and suggested ‘a fresh start’ as this may bring about fulfilment through a commitment to following a calling. Could this ‘fresh start’ be in the form of a change in tactic, but a continuation in my fight?

  • A second viable option – The Emperor

This was the first time this Major Arcana card had appeared in my readings and was curious. It signified fatherhood, action, authority and guidance.

Through the Emperor we learn that we ‘rule ourselves and our domain’. We also learn there is great power in structure and self-control. It suggests that someone or something will emerge to change the status-quo, and suggests that protection, advice and/or support may be coming from a trustworthy male figure – one who is worth listening to.

  • What should I know before making a decision – The Fool

This is the beginning of the hero’s journey. Here, I believe the universe was advising me that I should feel hopeful and courageous – but also cautious.

This reading gave me no doubt whatsoever that I was being being told to stay committed and in the fight – but must be strategic, recognise my strengths and weaknesses, and take heart that help is close at hand. More information and advice would be imminent and would enable me play to my strengths and use my creativity in a valuable and constructive manner.

This outcome caused me to wonder. If I accepted the cards as divine truth – as I do – and I followed their advice of adopting a cautious, strategic but no-less determined approach, how successful would I be? Another three-card spread was called for, with the cards representing:

  1. The former status-quo
  2. Where are we now?
  3. The potential

Q: If I follow divine truth and previous advice, and I continue to fight current injustices and government tyranny, what is the potential for my success?

You are witnessing the systematic destruction of the Old Guard – Q post #3411 July 10, 2019

Wow! This one was interesting.

  • The former status-quo – The King of Swords

The power structure has long been authoritative and ambitious. It has also delegated its strategies efficiently and successfully.

  • Where are we now? – Death

This card is about endings and beginnings, reminding us to let go of what is dead or useless. We’re experiencing great change and transition. New people and opportunities are presenting themselves. The death card is often a blessing in disguise.

  • The potential – The Tower

An illusion is about to be shattered – this transition when it occurs may be unsettling or frightening. The card indicates sudden endings, the loss of position, or changes having enormous implications. ‘The real meaning in this card is the shattering of old constructs as the light of truth and higher consciousness prevails.’

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

This favourable and highly motivating result appeared on a day that saw a sixty per-cent country-wide internet outage, widespread power cuts in Britain’s major towns and cities and an increase in local airborne military activity.

Encouraged by the previous two readings, both of which had been a departure from previous divinations for personal insight and guidance, I decided to stick with the theme of ‘current events‘ by asking a question that’s puzzled me for a while.

Behind the political pantomime being played out on the world’s stage, is the UK’s Prime Minister a good guy, or a bad guy.

I decided that the cards would therefore indicate:

  1. Who is Boris Johnson allied with?
  2. What is his current path, objective or agenda?
  3. What is the potential for him on this path?

Q: Is Boris Johnson a Black Hat or a White Hat?

This, too, was an interesting outcome. I realise it takes practice to correctly interpret the cards as it is easy to base interpretations on existing beliefs, hopes or assumptions. But my gut feeling here strikes me as:

  • In keeping with what I’m sure to be true
  • What is not yet clear but seems highly feasible.

Note, for the first time in my readings two ‘reversed’ cards presented themselves. I’d been avoiding the use of reversed cards, but it appeared that I’d inadvertently turned parts of the deck while shuffling. Everything is done for a reason, however, so I included them, using the ‘reversed’ interpretation.

Is Boris Johnson a Black Hat or a White Hat?’
  • Who is Boris Johnson allied to? – The Emperor

Johnson’s role is one within a powerful structure. His task is a temporary one – a ‘holding’ position, in which he fulfils a set purpose or objective before handing over to another.

  • What path is BJ on? – Eight of Pentacles (reversed)

He is committed to a wasteful or destructive endeavour but his hands are tied. He does, however, have an exit strategy which will come into play at the right time.

  • What is the potential for BJ on this path? – The Star (reversed)

He is discouraged or unfulfilled at present, his role influenced by the wrong people. Once he plays his exit card, however, he may step back for a time, before re-emerging with new purpose.

The cards suggested to me that BJ is indeed either a willing member of the global alliance or has been coerced into that role under threat of harrowing and devastating disclosures. Meanwhile, he continues with the apparent destructive course in line with the Klaus Schwabb/Deep State agenda. Coming weeks will be interesting.

Finally, earlier in this post I said I’d explain what led me to reproduce part of my Tarot Journal on here – why I decided to open a personal document to public scrutiny. In short, I was prompted by the cards themselves.

Having conducted several three-card spreads over a series of evenings, I finally gained sufficient confidence to try a more ambitious one. Influenced perhaps by the layout commonly used by Janine, I opted for the slightly larger seven-card ‘Horseshoe Spread’. Here, the seven cards represent:

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future
  4. The querent’s attitude to the question (this can influence the interpretation)
  5. Other influences
  6. Obstacles
  7. Potential outcome

Aware that my previous website posts had thus far covered a diverse range of subjects, I decided that, by way of an introduction to the Horseshoe Spread, I ought to seek guidance on how I should proceed with my blog.

Q: What direction should I follow for my blog?

Beginning with the cards’ divination of my attitude to the question (4), then taking each in chronological order, my reading became:

  • My attitude toward the question (Card 4) – Death

I am clearly dissatisfied with the present direction of my website and subconsciously desire change, whilst being unsure of what form that should be.

  • The Past (Card 1) – The Nine of Wands

Although I’ve worked hard on getting my blog up and running, adding as much content as possible in the shortest possible time to give the appearance of an established, well-structured site, maybe this approach has been a touch chaotic and ill-considered.

  • The Present (Card 2) – The Ace of Swords

I have been encouraged by the recent website activity (increasing numbers of visits, likes and a modest amount of followers). This has been promising. Now is the time for me to pause and reflect on the next steps.

  • The Future (Card 3) – Judgement

I have an ideal opportunity to bring the site content in line with my own sense of inner-calling – especially in view of the major changes occurring globally. I ought to perhaps begin discussing positive subjects such as meditation, personal spiritual development, and similar.

  • Other Influences (Card 5) – The Hanged Man

When viewed in line with other cards in the reading, The Hanged Man suggests a brief ‘time out’. It is in indicator of my confusion and uncertainty. The time is right for reflection and revitalisation.

  • Obstacles (Card 6) – The Nine of Pentacles

Home and family issues can be a distraction – but things on that score are stable and sound. Whilst I’m apt to struggle to balance home commitments with my blog and other writing projects, I should relax and adopt a sense of gratitude now, and realise that such stability provides a firm foundation on which my personal projects may be built.

  • Potential Outcome (Card 7) – The Empress

Through art and creativity I have the opportunity to shape the world through my thoughts and inspiration. My site – if approached in the correct manner – has the potential of being a positive influence.

As with all such readings, the indicated outcome will only be realised were I to take those steps necessary to make it so. Through use of the Tarot, and prompted by the universe I’ve been able to see more clearly a situation which external influences, inner conflicts, distractions or anxieties may have otherwise obscured.

Free will, however, will always remain the determinant factor in any outcome.

This then has been a brief account of my introduction to the world of The Tarot. I hope you found it interesting. Should you have experience of Tarot reading and wish to comment, provide advice or offer constructive criticism, please feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “The Royal Road to Wisdom

  1. J. J.

    Stephen, I really enjoyed your blog. I found it because I am a torn Christian, lover of Jesus Christ, have lost faith in all religions and am only following the teachings of Christ without religious attachment. But during these dark days where we’re watching this “movie” and waiting for the FINAL ending, I find myself having to pray for discernment of information at every corner. I’ve been so encouraged, and then so discouraged. And then…through it all, I found Janine and discovered a breath of positive and encouraging fresh air. BUT WAIT! It’s not good for us Christians to partake in any of this. Then I found your blog and it is exactly what I truly feel inside; was this a form of control used by men of the cloth (mostly the Catholic church– being a former Catholic myself) or is this true doctrine? The Bible does say to stay away from psychics and fortune tellers. Is tarot a form of this? I’d say it is… but everything in my gut tells me that it was meant to control a population in the same way they hid the bible from the world until Martin Luther along. I’m so pulled in two directions and wonder if satin has a hand in this possible deception. Boy, if so, then Janine is one of satan’s masterpieces. I mean, Janine would be someone I’d be friends with…and she is a patriot, a fighter, and often is a friend when I have no one in my circle who believes that Trump is a white hat and is coming back to the White House. I’m alone in that respect. (I live in a Democrat state in New England.)
    If you have time, I’d be interested in anything else you’d like to share about this subject. I’m lost and can’t ask my fellow Christian friends so I’m truly alone. Thanks for your time. I’d appreciate anything you have to add. All the best.


    1. Steve Wand

      Thanks for reading my blog and reaching out. Be assured that rejecting religion is not a rejection of God. Indeed, it can be said that you have now taken a vital step toward finding God – one who can never be found within the bindings of a book.

      As a practicing Christian since the ‘80s, I’ve struggled with their fear-based doctrine and assertion that all men are born evil. I now realise that nothing could be further from the truth. I now realise that the ‘Light’ spoken of in the opening passages of Genesis, is the ‘divine spark’ that is within me … and you. God is within me, you and all of us.

      We are all beautiful souls capable of the most amazing things – much of it yet to be discovered. We’ve been here before, and we will be here again … and again. So we have no fear of death, for death is an opportunity for rebirth. And once you no longer have fear of death, all other fears fall away.

      You step into your truth – step into your power, no longer suppressed by fear and lies.

      As you’ve been watching Janine, you will know by now that the matrix of lies, that have existed since the age of Babylon is crumbling, and its collapse will expose those lies and the truth that has been hidden. Many will struggle with this realisation, and those who will be most hurt will be those within the mainstream religions – especially Christians.

      Catholics, sadly, will have to deal with painful truths, and we must expect a collective sense of shock and guilt to permeate the psyche of vast swathes of our populations for decades to come – much like that of post-war Germany. We have all permissioned abject evil and will have to deal with that.

      BUT, we who are awake – and I count you among that number – will be on hand to help when the time comes, with empathy and compassion. For that is our purpose, our soul mission, if you will. It is why we’re here right now. This is our divine purpose.

      I am here in England, but I too am a Trump supporter, so no, you’re not alone. Far from it. You will have heard Janine mention another Brit by the name of Simon Parkes. You can read about him on his website, but I can add that he’s working with US Naval Intelligence in the operation that is currently under way globally to wrest mankind from the Babylonian Empire that has enslaved us for centuries.

      In 2015 Simon saw what was coming, in terms of global events, and created a spiritual organisation in which awake and aware people may gather, support one another and build a better world going forward.

      He began the organisation here in the UK, then realising that the USA was to be the main battleground, shifted his attention there. His group – Connecting Consciousness – is now over a hundred thousand strong, represented in 182 nations worldwide. I’m the coordinator for Lincolnshire, England.

      CC’s largest membership is the USA – and yes, there are many members in New England (an area I adore, by the way, having spent time in New Hampshire and Massachusetts).

      Here’s the UK’s link to CC to give you a flavour of what the organisation is about:

      Membership is totally free. Joining will put you in touch with your new soul family across the world, and I have no doubt that there are many such members in your own state. Perhaps even your town.

      Good luck, and please stay in touch.

      Many blessings.



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