Heartbeat of the Universe

The first sound you ever heard was the heartbeat of the universe; the sacred heartbeat of the divine speaking to you so tenderly through the unconditional heartbeat of your mother.


So begins the guided meditation Heartbeat of the Universe, a ten-minute recording by mindbody health and wellness expert, Davidji, in harmony with ‘music medicine artists’ Sacred Fire.

The recording is one I regularly use to begin my day grounded in mindfulness meditation. It is ten minutes well-spent. Simple ancient truths underscored by a percussive, primal beat serve to fortify me for the day ahead.

It beats within you still. It beats within you now … and the silence between each beat is the space of infinite possibilities. The space where all your dreams are manifested.

Backed by haunting, mystical vocals and resonant music is the instruction to ‘feel the tender pulse of the cosmos, streaming stardust through your body.’ The undulating ethereal harmonies flow throughout until, about halfway into the meditation, they gain form to become a recurrent mantra.

Given the primal nature of the backing music, together with Davidji’s propensity for adopting certain native themes in some of his meditations, the mantra’s syllable structure led me to assume the language to be that of American Indians.

The mantra goes like this:

Lamed Vav Vav, Nun Tav Hey, Hey Yud Yud, Om

Intrigued by the meaning of this haunting chant I decided to research it. That’s when I discovered that I was wrong in my assumption and, rather than being a language of plains indians, the mantra was inspired by Hebrew letters used in the Kabbalah tradition.

These sequences are a sample of what is referred to as the ‘Seventy-two names of God.‘ They are said to act as a powerful connection to specific and restorative spiritual frequencies that may be used to repair us on a soul level.

Lamed Vav Vav is a direct-dial short code to God through which we may obtain answers to our most fundamental prayers.

Nun Tav Hey promotes courage to open our heart before speaking when we need to communicate truth, and imparts strength to close our mouth and open our ears when it is truth that we need to hear.

Hey Yud Yud is spoken to receive the power of prophecy. With higher awareness we may have the intuition to transform consciousness – to enter a new universe of transformation and light.

Om – is often referred to as the ‘hymn of the universe’ and considered to contain every sound in the vibrational spectrum.

The breathy and sonorous harmonies of this meditation impart an otherworldly feel that lends itself perfectly to the message being delivered here. The following extract from Sacred Fire‘s own bio provides a perfect summation:

They use musical expression as a harmonizing tool, to touch deep within the soul, boost vitality and build pathways between humans and their ancestral, inner wisdom.

Click the image if you too would like to experience the ‘silence between each beat – the space of infinite possibilities‘.

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