The Nazification of Britain

Learning history is easy; learning its lessons seems impossibly difficult.

Nicolas Bentley

A popular misconception with today’s politically-driven ‘pandemic’ pantomime is that events are somehow ‘unprecedented‘. This is not true. All we need to do is to dial back to the 1930s and 1940s to find that history is repeating itself.

This post may appear to represent a departure from those few that have gone before. Whereas I’ve previously discussed congenial subjects such as meditation, positivity and fiction – all of which were on my heart and mind at the time – this is a matter which I feel I must speak to right now.

In fact, I consider this issue to be the biggest ‘elephant in the room’ – one that demands urgent discussion. Furthermore I have the heartfelt belief that to remain silent on such a pressing subject would be wrong.

When the holocaust and Europe-wide genocide of millions of innocent civilians is considered, one question that is often aired is this one:

How could the German people have been so blind as to not see the horrific reality of that which was unfolding around them?

I believe that the events of 2020/21 are providing the answers to this.

HOW did civilians fail to realise that their government had weaponised the nation’s health service to carry out an evil, genocidal agenda aimed at removing targeted sections of the population?


This hereditarily ill person will cost our national community 60,000 Reichmarks over the course of his lifetime. Citizen, this is your money.”

This is from a film produced by the Reich Propaganda Ministry. The existence of the patients in the ward is described as “life only as a burden.” Such propaganda images were intended to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program.

Daily Telegraph 18 March, 2021:

The ‘do not resuscitate’ scandal must be addressed at the very top. It is up to ministers to deal with the failure of human dignity and compassion that inappropriate DNRs represent.

Covert euthanasia programme conducted by the UK’s NHS

WHY did people not speak out at the victimisation of those who simply wished to practice their faith?

German policemen humiliating Rabbi Moshe Yitzhak Hagermann, on “Bloody Wednesday” in Olkusz, Poland, 31/07/1940

April, 2021

‘Worshippers at Christ the King Polish Catholic church in London told they could be fined or arrested.’

The targeting of faith groups is not isolated to the UK:

September 23rd, 2020: Three Christian men arrested in Moscow, Idaho for participating in an outdoor worship service.

WHY did they tolerate the stigmatisation and labelling of targetted groups?

WERE they blind to the fact that they were being deliberately manipulated through fear?

An antisemitic poster published in German-occupied Poland in March 1941. The caption reads:

Jews are lice; They cause typhus.”

This German-published propaganda poster was intended to instill fear of Jews among Christian Poles.

The UK government’s cynical re-hash of Nazi-German propaganda, up-graded to provoke guilt and enforce mandatory house-arrest.

WHY on earth did the population accept shameful and immoral enforced apartheid?

WHAT possessed them to place such unquestioning faith in their leaders?

HOW did they allow THIS tragedy to unfold?

We now have the answers to the above questions.

The years 2020/21 have starkly revealed to us how an out-of-control and corrupt dictatorship uses its weaponised media and ‘health’ establishments to control a malleable population through the use of relentless FEAR propaganda.

There will no doubt be some who read this and are appalled at my use of the holocaust in making this statement. There will be those who assume that I’m comparing the treatment of civilians today with that of the Jews of the 1930s and ’40s. Such a conclusion would be to miss the point entirely.

What I am doing is highlighting how good people can be duped, brainwashed – call it what you will – into accepting a monstrous form of genocide. For that is what we are seeing unfold right now. Yes, the Nazi-led genocide resulted in the slaughter of six million souls. But let’s not forget, the un-tested injectable device masquerading as a vaccine and now being injected into the arms of a frightened population is killing thousands of people.

The British government knew this would happen and prepared for it beforehand.

Needless to say, this fact is not front-page news.

The death toll from the horrific events of the twentieth century are well-known and documented. No-one yet knows, however, the number of fatalities and serious casualties that will result from what is undoubtedly a corporate-led global mass-inoculation.

What we do know – and this is also well-recorded – is that the products’ widespread animal trials led to a massive mortality rate following the test subjects’ exposure to the virus against which the ‘shot’ was meant to protect them.

Only time will tell us whether the human trials now being conducted – for that is what the ‘roll-out represents – prove to be equally devastating.

Kurt Vonnegut once wrote:

History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again.

In my next post I will discuss the importance of accurate and reliable information, and how a media landscape dominated by misinformation and deliberate deception renders it impossible for us to evaluate our environment and make effective life choices.

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