‘The Cheapest form of Self Care’

It’s fair to say that diaries have never really been my ‘thing’. Sure, like many people, I’ve long since liked the idea of keeping a diary – drafting inner thoughts, taking time for introspection and reflection while being creative in the process. In fact, I’ve envied those gifted and ‘arty’ types who have the talents and commitment to do so and who, in so doing, produce beautiful and unique daybooks, scrapbooks and memoirs.

Regrettably, however, the word ‘commitment’ has never featured highly in my thinking or personal vocabulary. Rather shamefully, I’ve always been a planner, rather than a do-er; a starter, not a finisher. Previous attempts to keep a diary have usually been prompted by a new year’s resolution and have rarely survived to the end of January. In fact, nowhere near.

All that said, in 2020 I came close to achieving regular maintenance of a daybook when in June of that year I began writing a Prayer Journal as part of my life as a practising Christian. The activity was beneficial at the time but, as the insanity of 2020 unfolded and I became increasingly disillusioned with the entire church system, my journaling dwindled. It finally ceased altogether when I walked away from the church in the December.

This left a void which I now hope to fill by commencing this site.

I have no doubt that regular self-expression will be immensely beneficial to me in many ways – and possibly in ways I can’t yet imagine. I’m encouraged by one New York Times article that had this to say about the merits of keeping a journal:

‘… journaling might be the cheapest form of self-care.’

This piqued my interest. If there’s one thing that attracts my attention it’s a bargain. The article went on to say:

‘It is a very good habit that helps organize our thoughts and allows us to think more complexly and systematically, contributes to self-understanding, self-awareness, and mindfulness, boosts communication skills and memory, and might even improve our sleep, immunity, and even our I.Q.’

Now, I’m the sort of person who would benefit hugely from each and every one of the above. And more besides. So, if all of this and more can be achieved and achieved economically, I’d best get started.

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