Hello. My name is Steve. I’m an English Christian living in the beautiful and historic county of Lincolnshire. This is my personal blog.

2020 is a year we’ll never forget. I believe it’s one we must never forget.

For me, the year will be remembered as one in which the church ‘establishment’ failed in its obligations.

Church leadership demonstrated a disgraceful level of weakness at a time when they needed to find courage. They’d spent years ‘talking the talk’ – now it was time for them to ‘walk the walk’.

Instead, they accommodated what I am sure will eventually come to be recognised as, not only an attack on humanity, but an attack on Christianity.

Having proclaimed themselves to be the ‘Army of God’ they failed to mobilise on the battlefield. To quote one commentator, ‘they were no longer combat effective.’

Consequently, Christian voices were silenced at a moment in history when they should have been at their loudest.

I for one have no wish to remain silent. It’s time our voices were heard.

I was born and raised in the county of Lincolnshire, where I continue to live with my family.

On England’s east coast, south of the Humber estuary, this area is one where agriculture meets industry. Despite this, it remains attractive with its characteristic chequerboard farmland and big skies.

When reading these pages you are ‘seeing’ the world through my eyes. You are ‘hearing’ my ‘voice’. Whilst the subjects I discuss may be ones I’m passionate about, I make no effort to teach or convince others. I’m neither qualified nor anxious to shoulder that burden.

No, I am simply one unassuming Christian expressing those things that are foremost on my heart and mind. You are welcome to comment on anything you see here, and I would be delighted should you wish to do so.

My Testimony page is an account of how I became a Christian. If I were to summarise what has undoubtedly been a faltering walk with God, it would be through the words of David Crowder’s ‘My Sweet Lord‘:

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